Welcome to LenyBlacs Food & Fitness

Passion by definition means ‘a strong and barely controllable emotion.’ That perfectly describes my feelings about cooking. Growing up, food was a major staple in my family and it is because of this reason that I was able to develop this passion. From my trips to the Dominican Republic to see my paternal grandmother or visiting my aunt in New York and eating her special meatballs with her famous dipping sauce, (which I finally got the recipe for after years of asking!) food was always at the center. My household was full of moments watching my maternal grandmother throw down in the kitchen along with my mom. I also recall when my dad was a cook at JT Shawmut here in Lynn, Massachusetts and worked at Tides in Nahant and how much that inspired me. The chicken broccoli and ziti he used to bring home was my favorite. I’ve tried to duplicate his recipe but still can’t come close! I am fueled by the emotional experience brought upon by food and family -- it’s the reason for the existence of LenyBlacs Food & Fitness. What better way to share my passion than through different expressions and displays of food. Using a vast majority of culinary techniques, I am able to offer meal prep, catering, and fruit arrangements. I am always open to any request that will potentially challenge my culinary skills.